Electrical Reports and Inspections


We regularly undertake a wide array of periodic electrical inspections in and around London, ranging from insurance companies, letting agencies and businesses to theatres, pubs and nightclubs. Electrical reports and inspections are an important part of making sure your property is compliant with health and safety regulations.


At Your local electricians we understand the need to get things done quickly and with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible.


The constant expansion of regulations unfortunately means that the costs of meeting them are increasing too.


At Your local electricians we appreciate this, and therefore always offer reasonable and competitive prices on all electrical reports and inspections. We will also always do our best to make sure that solutions to any faults found during the inspection are economical; customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.


If your premises require electrical reports and inspections, call us today for a free quote, and we can arrange a time and day that is convenient for you.